1991 – CCWAA Changes to NACWAA

On July 1, 1991, the CCWAA officially changed its name to the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators (NACWAA) (CCWAA Newsletter Vol 8.3). The new name was unanimously approved at a special business meeting called at the 1991 NCAA Convention.

“The decision to seek approval for a name change came along in the same breath as our decision to take a long, hard look at the future of this organization and do some long-range planning,” said CCWAA President Kaye Hart. “The choice of NACWAA will help promote our refreshed image.”

As the organization grew, the CCWAA Board of Directors, along with its members, felt that “council” implied a small, select group. In order to encompass women all over the country, the CCWAA expanded its name from “Council” of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators to “National Association” of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators.

Following the NACWAA name change, the Promotions Committee launched a NACWAA Logo Design Contest, inviting all members to submit ideas for an original logo design. At the 1991 Spring Board Meeting, the logo submitted by President-Elect Chris Voelz was selected to be the new NACWAA logo.


Lynn Dorn, North Dakota State University
Karen Fey, New Mexico State University
Alfreeda Goff, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jo Kuhn, Texas Woman’s University
Ann Marie Lawler, University of Florida
Eleanor Lemaire, University of Rhode Island
Joan Maser, Carnegie Mellon University
Marilyn McNeil, Cal Poly State University-San Luis Obispo
Linda Moulton, Clark University
Martha Mullins, Eastern Kentucky University
Jeanne Rowlands, Northeastern University
Marcia Saneholtz, Washington State University
Chris Voelz, University of Minnesota
Mary Jo Warner, George Washington University